Tekisasu: Who were are and what are we doing!

Tekisasu is a company started by John Knight, of Dallas, Texas USA. What does ‘tekisasu’ mean? Tekisasu is the Japanese romaji translation of “Texas”, or テキサス. While Tekisasu is based in the United States, Mr. Knight felt there was no better love letter and sign of appreciation and affection to use the native language of a nation and culture he greatly admired (especially for their visionary video game content and work ethic) and do what Texas does best: mix it together with an outcome that is thoroughly Texan, a trait that is also present in Japanese culture.

The First Project

The current project for Tekisasu is a video game entitled ‘Poncho-Poncho Land’. In making Poncho-Poncho Land, Mr. Knight envisions a set of disparate worlds and environments that was fun in nature while also providing a challenge for those that want it. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, and feeling the full brunt of American video game culture, Mr. Knight became more than acquainted with the concept of “Blockbuster Roulette’ which is the very likely 50/50 chance of renting a terrible game that weekend at the local Blockbuster rental store. In playing great games as well as mediocre games, he feels a strong opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

In Poncho-Poncho Land, Mr. Knight hopes to provide a fun experience that won’t make them regret their choice in a contemporary “Blockbuster Roulette”.