Development progress – start

After a lot of false starts, I began developing Poncho-Poncho Land earlier this year. I’m really excited to share my progress as the project continues.

So what am I doing now? First I wanted to polish and customize my software stack to my liking seeing as how I’m going to be face to face with it for a very long time. Many developers establish a toolchain they use for their work. I want to ensure that for my game project, I can tie specific builds of these tools to games I develop. The benefit is that in 10, 15, 20 years I want to rebuild a Tekisasu game targeting a then-contemporary platform, I will have all the source code available for the entire stack to make that happen. It’s a much better feeling than if I were to use something else with a proprietary engine that’s essentially a black box targeting platforms only the vendor wants and only at certain versions. And if I’m being honest with my skills, at the other end of the spectrum, I simply lack the knowledge to create an engine from scratch.

I’ve adopted Godot and Aseprite, two amazing open source pieces of software, for an internal project I call Toolchain. I was insanely amazed not just at their amazing communities and well documented codebases, but also at the documentation they provide to make them work however you want.

Now that I have the Toolchain in working order, I’m going to start working on the gameplay within Godot some more. I’ve already created a number of sprite assets, enemies, character animations. And I’ve even released some soundtrack music for the project that you’re more than welcome to stream. I plan to release volumes as music as time goes on. The versions in the final game might be rearranged or changed entirely, but as a fan I absolutely love getting news about games in development that I find interesting.

Lastly, I want to introduce you to the hero and protagonist of Poncho-Poncho Land: Sammy Muchacho!

Sammy Muchacho coming soon in Poncho-Poncho Land!