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  • Development progress – start
    After a lot of false starts, I began developing Poncho-Poncho Land earlier this year. I’m really excited to share my progress as the project continues. So what am I doing now? First I wanted to polish and customize my software stack to my liking seeing as how I’m going to be face to face with … Read more
  • Tekisasu: Who were are and what are we doing!
    Tekisasu is a company started by John Knight, of Dallas, Texas USA. What does ‘tekisasu’ mean? Tekisasu is the Japanese romaji translation of “Texas”, or テキサス. While Tekisasu is based in the United States, Mr. Knight felt there was no better love letter and sign of appreciation and affection to use the native language of … Read more

Wait, what does ‘Tekisasu’ mean?

‘Tekisasu’ is the Japanese word for ‘Texas’. It’s written in romaji format, using Roman characters. In Japanese katakana, it is written as ‘テキサス’. Here at Tekisasu, we simply pronounce it “tek-sah-sue”.

So why would we, as Texans, name a company after a Japanese word of an American state? Like any person lucky enough to be born in the late 70s and early 80s, we grew up with the large influence of Japanese culture, many times without even realizing it!

It was in the video games we played, the films we watched, and in our tastes and sensibilities. Likewise, many elements of American culture are adapted by the Japanese in kind.

This mutual ethos of cooperation and admiration is one central to Tekisasu: we believe its one of the better demonstrations of building a better world for tomorrow’s children.

Learn more about the video game, Poncho-Poncho Land, that Tekisasu is currently developing!

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Soundtrack: Poncho-Poncho Land Vol. 1

(Music) Poncho-Poncho Land – Vol. 1 Soundtrack

Vol. 1 Soundtrack to Poncho-Poncho Land, is now available on all major platforms! We will be continuously releasing musical material while the game is in development.