Tekisasu makes heavy use of altered, in-house builds of Godot Engine and Aseprite that we internally refer to as Tekisasu Engine and Tekisasu Graphics, respectively. Together, we refer to this suite as Tekisasu Toolchain.

Godot Engine is a terrific resource for video game developers, both brand new and established. It is released under MIT license, which allows anyone to make changes and alterations to the Godot Engine source code. Godot has a very active community on Github in which many prospective patches are contributed. Not all of these patches make it into Godot upstream, or the version branch of Godot that one might be using, so we spend some time picking patches that we want applied to our build of the engine based on our requirements and preferences. The developers of Godot Engine and its large community are full of talented and wonderful people, welcoming any range of skill set to dig in, ask questions, and get started. If you find that you also enjoy Godot as much as Tekisasu does, consider supporting Godot Engine on Patreon to help support its current and continued development.

Aseprite is an amazing graphics editor and animation tool used by Tekisasu to create its sprite art. Its retro-inspired interface plays right into the experience of an incredibly feature-rich application having a fast, easy-to-use workflow process. It is fully open source, although its license prohibits redistribution. And that’s perfectly fine with us. We highly recommend you purchase Aseprite and give it a go. You’re always free to use it for free if you download the source code and compile it yourself, but if you do so and end up loving it, consider buying a license from them to support continued development. Tekisasu has happily purchased Aseprite licenses for our own usage even though we do not use the official builds. If you really, really want to buy a Aseprite license but simply can’t at the moment or don’t have the means, reach out to us on social media and talk to us about your project and how you might use Aseprite. We might buy you a license!

Tekisasu fully recommends anyone who might be considering getting into game development to check out these two projects. While you might have interest in contributing directly to our internal builds of these tools, we don’t have the inclination to support spending resources on 3rd party usage of Tekisasu Engine and Tekisasu Graphics outside of our own use. In fact, we fully recommend you instead contribute directly to the upstream projects on Godot Engine’s Github and Aseprite’s Github pages.