Poncho-Poncho Land

Tekisasu is currently developing a new video game called ‘Poncho-Poncho Land’. It is a two dimensional game that will bring the glory days of the 16-bit era to new heights.

The game centers around a protagonist, Sammy Muchacho, who rights the world of Poncho-Poncho Land that has been wronged by an invading spicy army led by the forces of King Drummer! He is seeking to replace people, animals, and resources in Poncho-Poncho Land to replicate his vile home: the Caldera Dimension!

Having a wide range of environments, Sammy Muchacho must battle through the bottle worlds of the Nacho Republic, the Tater Tot Republic, the Deep Fried Ice Cream Republic, and more on a quest to unite them against King Drummer and the Calderians.

More details will be given in the future!