Upstream Godot 4.0 beta 7 released

The latest release of the Godot 4.0 beta series utilized by Tekisasu has released a Beta 7 snapshot! (

The Godot Engine project is releasing betas very frequently leading up to a first production release that many people are eagerly awaiting.

Disinfection, a game by Evil Turtle Productions

Tekisasu very heartily supports Godot Engine and if you’ve ever considering trying to make your own game but never knew where to begin, we fully recommend that you download a copy, check out the documentation, and check out one of the many excellent tutorials available online.

And if you’re feeling generous, please consider donating to their project. I’ve personally used many open-source projects and interacted with developers and steering committees and bureaucracy and from my experience, Godot Engine is the epitome of a well-run project and run by many passionate and talented leaders.